Terms and conditions

Specified Terms

  • Agreement includes completed application form with detailed terms and conditions. It legally binds you and cvrefer.com (the "Company") regarding your use of the website cvrefer.com (the "Site") and services offered by the company including but not limited to delivery of content via the Site or any other internet enabled device or otherwise (“Service"). By clicking "I agree" on website, you agree to Terms & Conditions. You also confirm that you are at least 18-year-old or above and capable enough to adhere to all the terms. On the other hand, candidates below 18 years of age do so only with the approval of their parents and/or legal guardians. You agree to register before uploading any content and/or comment. You also provide detailed information about your complete name, age, email address, residential address and contact number.

    "User" or "You" mean any person who access or avail the services of site of company for hosting, publishing, sharing, transacting, displaying or uploading information or views and includes other persons jointly participating in using the site of the company.

  • "Company": is defined as cvrefer.com an existing company having registered office (visit contact us page).

  • "Date of Origination: is the date that marks the acceptance of application by user of the services. It will be mentioned by the company in its notice to the user through e-mail or any other mode. 

  • "Expiry Date ": is the date that is mentioned in the notice and/or letter of termination.

  • "Product/ Services Directory": it comprises entire information and description of services provided by the company either in writing or contained in the website cvrefer.com.

  • "Provided Data": is the database thatincludes all particulars and information supplied by the user on initial application and subscription, including but without limiting to the email address, telephone number, mailing address and account.

  • All masculine words include feminine and singular include the plural and vice versa as the context admits or requires; and words importing persons includes individuals, bodies corporate and unincorporated.

  • "Services": Means the services offered by the company to the user of cvrefer.com and shall include the provision of following facilities:

  • Service to the user wishing to post CV or Resume for the purpose of seeking employment.

  • Service to the user who wishes to place a print advertisement in any publication/periodical.

  • Service to the user who wishes to insert advertisements at cvrefer.com.

  • Service to the user who wishes to receiveadvertisements and promotional messages on cvrefer.com and through emails.

  • "cvrefer.com": is specified as the Internet website of the company at http://www.cvrefer.com.

  • "User": is a Job Seeker, an Employer, Recruitment agency or Consultant other person/entity who avails of any service of the company whether or not registered on cvrefer.com and includes his successors and permitted assignees.

  • Date of beginning  of Service and its provisions

  • Service will be considered to have started on the Date of Commencement.

  • Services of cvrefer.com are available for those people/organizations which can form legal contracts enforceable under stipulated law.

  • Subscription fee will be the price applicable for the services provided as mentioned in product catalogue or as may be introduced by the company at regular interval. 

  • Liability for payment of subscription fees will accrue from the date of commencement.

  • All users who access or post information on cvrefer.com for employment will be exempted from the application of this clause.

  • When subscription fee accrues it will be paid/ payable at or within such time as mentioned in the invoice(s) raised by the company.

  • Subscription fee will be paid by the user on demand. In case, user disputes the same for any reason whatsoever, he will pay towards subscription fees accrued subject to the decision of company. If company decides the dispute in user's favour, company will refund the money paid by the user.

  • In case of any kind of delay in the payment by the User of any sums due under the agreement, company owns the right to charge interest on outstanding amount from the date the payment became due up to the date of final payment by the user at the rate of 24 % p.a.

  • cvrefer.com also reserves the exclusive right to cancel any kind of content from being published or reflected on the website or in any other mode.

  • Accuracy of registration data provided to the company on application for service will be the responsibility of user only.

  • User confirms that he has obtained necessary permission and documents to post and upload a job listing company's website. He also takes responsibility for any damage which may arise due to said job posting.

  • User will obtain any permit or license at his own cost.

  • User understands and agrees that he will comply with all requirements and terms of Information Technology Act 2000.

  • User will keep password and ID confidential and not disclose to any person.

  • For SMS services, user's registered mobile phone number will be used.

  • User agrees that content of SMS is final.

  • SMS service is subjected to the guidelines of TRAI.

  • User also agrees to receive phone calls from cvrefer.com or associates.

  • User can also opt out of the facility by changing the personal setting.

  • cvrefer.com reserves the right to edit, modify and alter the content.

  • User agrees that content placed with cvrefer.com will be reflected after 48 hours.

  • Prohibited Actions and activities

  • User cannot allow any person except authorized person(s) mentioned in the order form to use any of the services.

  • User bears self-responsibility not to assign or resell his/her rights or obligations according to the rules and regulations.

  • User also makes sure that unauthorized commercial use of any service is not happening.

  • User will only use the service for the purpose for which it is subscribed.

  • User will adhere to all applicable laws as well as will not infringe any applicable law of India relating to the Services. 

  • User is also not allowed to print, download, duplicate or otherwise copy, delete, vary or amend or use any data or personal information posted by other user(s) on cvrefer.com. However, user is free to make use of the information that is provided by him/her on the website.

  • User is strictly restricted to upload multiple resumes using same or different accounts. In such case, cvrefer.com owns the right to remove them without any notice.

  • User cannot share any kind of service or information with anybody without prior notice.

  • User will not make use of any service for any kind of unlawful purpose.

  • Service will not be used to send or receive any kind of message.

  • User will be restricted to send messages or make postings on cvrefer.com to any other user or third party who uses cvrefer.com without reasonable cause or for causing any threat or any sort of inconvenience whatsoever caused to any person.

  • User will not breach any intellectual property rights of any person or/and retain information in any computer system.

  • User will provide company a non-exclusive and royalty-free right to exercise all copyright and publicity rights, in any mean of media.

  • User assures not to use anyone else's Information to complete any cvrefer.com transactions in which he is involved.

  • Users will not or attempt to violate the security of cvrefer.com or any web sites linked to cvrefer.com.

  • User agrees that he/she will not host, upload, edit, publish, update or share any information on website, that —
    (a) is related to another person and/or not belong to you;
    (b) is entirely harmful, pornographic, or encouraging money laundering or gambling and is unlawful in any manner;
    (d) harm children and teenager in any way;
    (e) breaches any patent, copyright or other proprietary right;
    (f) infringes any rule or regulation;
    (g) spreads or promotes any information that is offensive in nature;
    (h) imitates another person
    (i) contains any kind of virus or computer code that hinders the functionality of any computer resource;
    (j) threatens the integrity, security or sovereignty of India or any other nation
    (k) any content/information uploaded by the user on the cvrefer.com per the rules and regulation of The Information Technology Act, 2000,
    (l) access of wrong doers to the site shall be immediately terminated.
    (m) In case of any problem, company reserves the right to delete any material relating to the infringements without any notice to the user. Company will issue a warning to the user to cease any activity that leads to the said violations and in case user continues with such restricted activity, company reserves the right to suspend or/and deactivate the user's access to cvrefer.com while forfeiting any amounts paid by him and discontinuation of any facility provided by the company. Company will also recover the loss suffered by the company and the harm caused to the reputation of the company because of breach of rules by the user.
    (n) User takes the benefits of cvrefer.com but is not liable to use any information that is protected by patent and copyright. User is also not allowed to publish any immoral or defamatory content.
    (o) User cannot charge a single penny from the candidates whose data is available on cvrefer.com.
    (p) User is prohibited from making any claim like "cvrefer.com is our Labour Consultant". 
    (q) cvrefer.com strongly opposes SPAM that deteriorates the performance and availability of services.
    (r) cvrefer.com also restricts the use of another online mode to send or post SPAM to draw visitors to your site hosted on or through cvrefer.com systems.

  • Confidentiality and Security policy

  • To keep user ID and/or password confidential, user will take all necessary measures as well as will not share with any other person(s).

  • User will strictly use only his/her own user ID and password.

  • User promised that he/she does not acquire any right to any mailbox number or/and user ID or/and any codes provided to him by the company. He/she also adheres to the term that company owns the exclusive right to change or/and re-assign the same to the user without being liable to the user for any damages or/and relief or/and any other consequence/s.

  • In case of theft or/and loss of user ID and/or password or/and security term, user will notify company on immediate basis over phone call or/and personally concurrently provide company with a written notice. User will remain liable for use of services by any third party until such theft or loss is informed to the company.

  • Email ID and password being made available to the consumer will be used only by the organization named by the client and employee of the organization. In addition, user will observe all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access and/or leakage of email ID or/and password. 

  • User will strictly not use any sort of software to automatically download or/and extract either a complete or/and partial resume from cvrefer.com database without prior notice. 

  • Company might at any point of time deactivate or/and suspend the user's access to cvrefer.com without giving any reason. However, regular system maintenance or/and upgrading or/and testing or/and repairs or/and other related work might be the possible reason for the same. Furthermore, company will not be liable for any loss or/and damage or/and costs or/and expense that user might suffer as well as no fees or/and charges payable by the user to the company. It is entirely based on company’s policy. 

  • Company reserves the right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect. Company is also free of not providing the prior notice or reason/s whatsoever.

  • If company finds that user has violated any term or condition of this agreement or/and the Order form signed by him.

  • If company or/and regulatory authority feel that it is not in public interest to continue assigning the services to the user. 

  • If user is declared a bankrupt.

  • If user enters into any kind of compromise or arrangement with its creditors.


  • Violations of Terms & Conditions

  • If cvrefer.com finds any violation of Terms & Conditions has occurred, cvrefer.com may invoke any legal solution, including but not limited to immediate deletion of offensive material from the site or/and cancellation of user's account and/or the exclusion of any person(s) who is responsible for the violation of Terms & Conditions. cvrefer.com could also chase guilty with claims that they have breached various rules and regulations as applicable under stipulated Acts/Rules. cvrefer.com will cooperate with the investigation procedure by any authority having the competence to carry out the same. Such cooperation might be without notice to the user. If cvrefer.com believes that any kind of advertisement or/and services may create liability for cvrefer.com, cvrefer.com is free to take any action that it considers is effective or necessary to minimize or/and eliminate its potential liability. As a whole, cvrefer.com possesses the right to deny services to anyone at any point of time, or/and to remove any listings or/and any promotional material for any reason, and without notice.

  • User agrees that use of service is at his/her own risk. Every service is provided as "as is" or/and "as available" basis. cvrefer.com specifically denies that all warranties of any kind, whether mentioned or implied, but not restricted to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

  • User agrees that all advertised jobs are authentic and in existence as on posting date. 

  • For Resume Distribution services, Resume/CV shall be dispatched to consultants' database only once against an order

  • User does not own any right to demand any explanation from organization/consultants. To whom resume has been sent.

  • Company neither guarantees nor warranties that there would be the expected response once the resume is posted on cvrefer.com or/and if resume/CV is sent to consultants.

  • cvrefer.com makes no warranty that service will meet user's needs, service will be uninterrupted, secure and error free. 

  • There is no guarantee of accuracy and quality of any information obtained through the use of the services of cvrefer.com.

  • Company will not be responsible for any disclosure or leak of information regarding user's account and/or particulars nor for any mistake and/or omissions and/or inaccuracy related to the leaked information. Furthermore, company will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by reason(s) of such disclosure, whether willingly or/and unintentionally.

  • In case of loss of any information, caused due to some reason(s), whether as a result of any disturbance of any service, suspension and/or termination, company will not be liable in any way for the same. Company also does not hold any responsibility for accuracy and quality of any information available, received and/or transmitted in any way using its services.

  • All information is accepted in good faith and cvrefer.com does not take any kind of responsibility whatsoever regarding the authenticity of the user.

  • User makes sure that while reaping the benefits of services, all stipulated laws, rules and regulations, directly or indirectly for the use of systems, are properly complied by the user and company does not bear any responsibility in any manner for default of any nature regarding the same.

  • Company does not warrant that cvrefer.com or any linked web site is free of any operational hazards or errors. 

  • Company's policy does not allow any kind of supervisory or editorial control over any data and/or contents of any e-mails and/or posting of any information that might be inserted or/and made available or transmitted to the third party through cvrefer.com and user acknowledges the same. User acknowledges that company owns the right to deny, suspends, terminate, delete and amend any artwork, materials, information and content of any information and posting. Company can also take legal help to settle any issue.

  • cvrefer.com does not involve in any deal between two parties who are connected with the website in any way. There are some risks, which user might face while dealing with people who might be acting under false pretenses and same will be borne by the user only. Company is a venue only and does not regulate the listings offered to the users, nor does cvrefer.com censor users of its service. cvrefer.com cannot and does not control the behavior of participants on website. We do not control the transactions of our users. It is very important for users to take care of their dealings with other people. cvrefer.com does not accept and takes any responsibility for any content or context of user comment areas as well as does not remove and edit postings to the public comments areas once they are published. 

  • All services provided by the company and referred do not create any agency relationship. 

  • In case of any conflict between users and/or participants on this site, it is agreed that cvrefer.com has no obligation in any kind of dispute/s. In case, user faces any kind of conflict with one or more user/s or/and participant/s then user hereby undertakes not to make any claim or/and demand or/and damage of any kind against cvrefer.com, its officers, employees, agents and successors.

  • User must acknowledge that any information, material, goods or/and services obtained through service is done at user's own understanding and risk and he/she will be solely responsible for any damage/s, cost and any other consequence/s resulting from any kind of transaction or deal.

  • No oral or written advice or/and information, obtained by user from cvrefer.com or its services, will warranty in any way. 

  • Company's entire liability under this Agreement in any condition will be restricted to the total amount of fees or/and charges paid by user to the company.

  • Company specifically puts all its users on notice that links to third party websites on cvrefer.com do not confer any responsibility, liability or obligation on company and are hereby clearly excluded.

  • Promotions on cvrefer.com will be subjected to the rules and regulations of the company which are determined at regular interval. Responsibility for making sure that promotional material submitted for inclusion on cvrefer.com complies with stipulated laws. Company will not be responsible for any kind of inaccuracy in the said material. Nevertheless, company reserves the right to make any kind of change to any kind of promotional material.

  • Decision of company regarding any transaction under SMS service will be final and binding. No correspondence will be entertained in any regard.

  • Company is dependent on the services of network operator and its technical infrastructure for SMS services and does not bear any responsibility if network fails or transmission does not take place due to any reason. 

  • SMS service is only for India.

  • Limitations

  • User must know neither cvrefer.com nor any of its information provider will be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential and exemplary damage(s) resulting from use/inability to use service or/and for cost of procurement of alternative goods/services or resulting from any goods, data, information, services purchased, messages received and transactions entered.

  • Company bears no responsibility for shortage or non-fulfillment of service/s on cvrefer.com or any other related site because of technical failure or/and malfunctioning of the system. In such situation/s, user will not claim for anything whatsoever against the company for "Lack of service" under The Consumer Protection Act or any other Act/Rules.

  • User acknowledges and authorizes that company has the right to:-----

  • Make user's Resume/CV available for viewing by free and paying clients of the company.

  • Use for company's own purpose, any data or information provided by the user in connection with this Agreement, and passes to any other associated companies.

  • Preserve all data and information provided by the user while using the service to remain at cvrefer.com for exclusive use of company in accordance with the service agreement. Anything contrary to the above, all data and information will remain company's property for future use. 

  • User agrees that any phone call through landline, mobile or any other means from company or its business partners and representatives will not be treated in the form of unsolicited communication.
    User can defend and/ or otherwise settle any third party lawsuit or proceeding brought against the company or otherwise any claim emerging from the fact that user’s content, website and/or any of user’s features breach any copyright, trademark of confidential information. Any such claim and/or proceeding if made directly or indirectly to the user will be communicated to the company, with all reasonable information, assistance and cooperation in defending the lawsuit or proceeding, on immediate basis. User will authorize company full control over the defense and settlement of such claim. User might also join in defense with counsel of choice at own expense subject to the approval of the company. User agrees to indemnify losses and/or damages whatsoever emerging from their use of cvrefer.com or their breach of terms and conditions of the Agreement. It entirely depends on the company, how it would like to incur the money from the guilty.

  • Privacy

  • Receiving Party will keep confidential information and secret as well as will not disclose to anybody, except receiving party's associate(s), if necessary and upon prior permission from the disclosing party. While sharing information, receiving party will take all possible measures to protect confidential information from third party and makes sure that all its partners/clients to whom such disclosure is made will act according to the terms and conditions of agreement. 

  • Moreover, any kind of reproduction, transformation or storage in any device of the proprietary information will not be made by the user without approval of the company.

  • If disclosing party makes any appeal at any time, like at the time of termination of the agreement, receiving party will deliver back to disclosing party all original documents, records, data and other material in the possession.

  • All information provided by the user will become the property of the company. Submitted information will be kept confidential and company will not, subject to "Violation of Terms & Conditions" clause, release any such data and information to anybody without user’s approval. 

  • User will get access to only his/her own data and information stored in the database at cvrefer.com. User can edit such data at regular interval.

  • All confidential information like name, e-mail address etc. disclosed by the user in any way is done at the sole discretion and risk of the user. Company bears no responsibility for the same if anybody misuses this information in any way. User will solely be responsible for any kind of legal action or claim.

  • All copyright and any other related intellectual property will be the sole properly of cvrefer.com and user will have no claims for the same. In case, user during the duration of his/her agreement uses such intellectual property in any way will be considered as an infringement of the intellectual property rights of the company. According to the policy, company might take legal help to recover any kind of loss.

  • For SNS Users

  • According to New age Connect services, like various SNS and many others, user presents their video/ audio resume samples to the employers. In addition, they showcase work samples, achievements and many others in order to authenticate their registered data including educational & professional credentials. User must know this allows linking to other websites or resources on internet. User do so at own risk and discretion. Accessed websites are connected with cvrefer.com and company is not liable for the content or information whatsoever of those other websites. cvrefer.com does not monitor or have any kind of control over them. All the links, company provides is for convenience only and you are required to take a wise decision while surfing such links. User further acknowledges that cvrefer.com is not liable for any damage to the user’s information or identity.

  • When you connect to cvrefer.com through your account, you will be asked to share information that user is submitting voluntarily.

  • You agree that you are a general user and your relationship with this social networking site is subject to SNSs’ own Data Use Policy. cvrefer.com does not control or carry any kind of responsibility for SNSs’ processing of your information.

  • You confirm that cvrefer.com is free to use any of your information for any purpose that you publish on your page. 

  • Collecting Information through New age Connect Service:
    You allow cvrefer.com, while using New age Connect service, to share your personal or public information. This information may include

    • General Information- name, marital status, profile picture, gender, links and any others that is publicly available to everyone.

    • Profile Information – current location, educational qualification and professional experience. 

    • Information shared by you – current cities, education histories and work histories.

    • Contact Information – email, mobile phone and/or fax numbers

  • You agree that cvrefer.com can use your posted information in these ways.

    • For your and others benefit including friends and potential employers

    • To provide latest services, products and benefits

    • To make, share and maintain your registered data/profile

    • To manage accounts, communications and for internal processes

    • And any other services

  • Professional Profile:

  • Your professional profile acts as your business card and professional resume. You might use this information to complete the profile that is circulated to other parties, users, members etc. You can also access this information to add or delete at any point of time.

  • Access and Control of Information from SNS Account

    In case, you do not want to stay connected with cvrefer.com via SNS account then you can delink with us by making small changes to your personal setting. However, company owns the right to use any of your information for any purpose. Furthermore, you agree that company is not liable to pay anything if you face some kind of loss, damage or harm because of third party.

  • Other policies  
  • Company reserves the right to amend, vary or change the terms and conditions specified above at any point of time.

  • This Agreement will be updated at regular basis. For the same reason, Terms and Conditions of cvrefer.com change accordingly. So, it is quite necessary to read the latest Terms and Conditions.

  • cvrefer.com reserves the right to add, change, delete, end or/and prematurely withdraw its service at any point of time with or without any kind of notice to the user. In this event, user cannot take any kind of action against the company.

  • Every notice will be in English and in writing.

  • User or any associate of the company will not be eligible for any kind of remedy, available with the company, on termination or expiration of this Agreement. Neither party nor user will be liable for any kind of damages resulting solely from termination.

  • Failure of cvrefer.com to exercise or enforce any right or clause of these Terms & Conditions shall not constitute a waiver for the same. If any clause of these Terms & Conditions is found inappropriate then court will give the final decision according to the rules. However, rest of the provisions of these Terms & Conditions will remain in full force and effect.

  • Agreement will constitute complete agreement between parties. It ‘The Agreement’ could only be modified with a written document executed solely by the company. Nevertheless, all rights are reserved with the company.

  • It is clearly stated that there is no mediator between cvrefer.com and any user.

  • User agrees that any claim or cause of action arising due to use of the service or Terms & Conditions must be filed within 30 days.

  • All information received from the user is reliable and bonafide as well as complies with the laws of the land.

  • Any dispute or matter, regarding Agreement, arising from incidental use of cvrefer.com is governed by the Indian laws and user, company hereby submits that every conflict will come under the exclusive jurisdiction of courts at Delhi, India.

  • All the terms and conditions mentioned here consist entire agreement between party/user and company (cvrefer.com ) and replace all previous arrangements/schedules between parties regarding subject matter contained. By completing the procedure of registration and checking the "I have read and accept the Terms of Use " box, user indicates the acceptance to the agreement as well as promise to adhere to all terms and conditions of the company (cvrefer.com)

  • Grievance Redressal

  • Any complaint or grievance regarding content or breach of terms and conditions will be taken up at the courts which fall under the jurisdiction of Delhi.  

  • We humbly request all users to please provide the following information in your complaint:-
    (a) A physical or electronic signature for the purposes of the complaint.
    (b) Identification of the copyrighted work claimed to have been violated.
    (c) Identification of the information, content or any kind of material on the website that is said to be infringing or subject to infringing activity.
    (d) Address, telephone number or e-mail address of the complaining party.
    (e) A statement that proves that complainant or complaining party has belief that particular content might harm in some way.
    (f) Another statement that proves that copyright infringement is accurate, and complaining party has right to act on behalf of the owner of the right that is allegedly infringed.