Definition of DOMAIN

CV stands for Curriculum Vitae. This document includes all your personal information including your educational qualification, professional experience, contact details and other. After reading this document, corporate or consultant does not ask any question about your life or vision towards career. Thus, it is quite clear that you must prepare a detailed CV with carefully chosen words. We run DOMAIN to bring you in the eyes of renowned companies because the term ‘refer’ means appointing another person for your benefit.


DOMAIN in Details

India’s first Jobs Consultant’s Directory in digital world, DOMAIN proves the finest tool for unemployed and unsatisfied Job Seekers. This website is designed to help those people who are looking for better Job options in pursuit of the financially secured life and professional ambitions. S1 India launched this website in market as the DOMAIN in May of the year 2011. This Job Site runs under the flagship of Founder and CEO Mr. S.K. Arora. Mr. Arora is working in this field since 1998 as well as boasts huge experience of Job Consultancy. Besides, Mr. Arora has sound knowledge of IT field, regarding Job Opportunities, news and updates that reflect through the design, research and efficacy of the website. All these elements come together to help Job Seeker in a professional manner. So, there are big possibilities for users to find the right employment.

About DOMAIN Services for Job – Seeker(s)

After visiting the website, Job Seeker can go through the details of Job Consultancy list. In details, users will find this Information:

  • Year of establishment
  • Representatives of the Consultancy and his Position
  • Phone No. (For registered users only)
  • Email ID (For registered users only)
  • Consultancy firm’s profile
  • Nature of Job Field (deal of the specialized category)

Cvrefer.Com website is designed to provide flexibility to users. Actually, Job Seeker can select the desired Job Consultants to send the resume to work in the field of choice. Besides, our website provides safe and secure space to store all educational documents like Degrees, Diploma and Certificates. Do not worry about the security and safety of documents. Only registered user can access or use them.  It is a great reason to feel delighted this website also recovers the required documents in matter of seconds with few clicks of mouse. In addition, users can take print on paper for any other purpose without and hesitation or confusion. It is such a stupendous feature as any education document never gets misplaced in future.

This portal is committed and dedicated to serve users in a professional way. For the same reason, it also navigates users to those web links of the websites which provide detailed information about all government jobs. Another excellent feature of our website is dashboard that is accessible after registration to know the status of previously applied for jobs and which are sent to Job Consultants.With the help of this dashboard, users can also edit contact and professional details. This facility is also applicable for resume. Apart for these features, users will enjoy more facilities which pave the way for a golden career. The next feature in list is Send, Edit, Print and Recover facility for resume without spending a single dime. So, drop all other options on back seat and start the process now to avail the benefits of this new Job Site on Immediate basis. Do not delay in the matter otherwise you might remain behind of compatriots in race of success. On the other hand, timely decision will surely keep you ahead of all.  

Quality Service is our main focus

Main quality of our nicely configured job portal is we provide complete information and detailed profile of every consultant. Just because of this nice aspect, you can choose the right consultant to apply for the right post without any hesitations. After getting your resume and knowing your desired field, they immediately contact you. In rare case, if they do not have the right job for you then they save your information for future use.
Our services work in a way that you easily connect to several consultants and corporates. It is important for you to know that our database includes hundreds of consultants and thousands of corporates. The high point of DOMAIN is it serves all kinds of job seekers for technical and non-technical job. It simply means you can reach us without any hesitation or confusion.

Mission of DOMAIN

India is a big country and a major part of its young generation is unemployed or working in an unsuitable field because they do not get right kind of job sources. Actually, a country like India lacks quality sources which can help candidates in making the bright career. Another alluring feature of our website is we help to make the successful career while maintain quality. If, you are any of them and looking for the right help then register with DOMAIN and get the expected results in a short span of time.

Satisfactory Results

Job seekers do not need to worry of the desired post because we cater for all kinds of middle and high level jobs. Furthermore, we provide best assistance for domestic or international market. You will not face any kind of problem with DOMAIN because this job site has hired a quality team of skilled and trained professionals like reputed HR managers and many others. This team tries every attempt to deliver satisfactory results. It is a nice decision to take our assistance to get the right job because right career does only not help to live a financially secured and respectable life but also helps to take India forward on international level. Anyway, you will not face any kind of problem with our services in case you have any query or doubt then contact our experts to get the best help.

Commendable Assistance

Our experts will surely help you to get the best guidance to move in a confident way while staying protected against all kinds of problems. You do not need to spend a single dime to discuss the matter with these experts because our consultation service is free of cost. People with limited resources of income are great beneficiaries of this facility as they do not need to make any kind of compromise on financial ground. Thus, leave all the hesitations behind and start the process now to make a successful career in the desired field. Nowadays, more and more people are joining our website because our nicely configured services are fetching satisfactory results to them. On the other hand, they are not getting services like us with anybody else.


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